On this page you can find tons of geneology research of the Lofton family.

I am a 9th grade honors student. My name is Abby Lofton and I have traced back many branches of my ancestors. I hope you are able to find something or learn something about my family history.

Special thanks to my dad, my great aunt, and many other family members for helping me put this page together.

For my project I wrote a paper on my family history. In this paper I had to trace my family history back to other countries and use push and pull factors to explain why they moved from place to place ending up where I live now.

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Click here to see the record of my great grand parents arrival at Ellis Island.

- Bridget Ryan Rowland
- Catherine Sue Bates with William Henry Bates, Timothy Socrates Buckles, Uncle Jack Buckles and Helen Marie Buckles Bates
- Buckles family bible, 1881, one of at least two Buckles bibles I have seen.
- Frank Buckles (last surviving WW I veteran in the US)
- In memory of card, still working on the person who this was for specifically.
- John W Buckles with kids
- Lofton family tree, we are working on this, I am in the bottom left.
- Lofton family tree, still work in progress, this is further up the line.
- Margaret Dorothea (Bates) Floyd, with William Henry Bates (father) and Helen Marie (Bates) Kouri.
- Melissa Ann Byford
- The will of Robert Buckles
- Timothy Socrates Buckles
- William Henry Bates Baptismal Certificate - 1901.
- Helen Marie (Buckles) Bates with daughter (my great grandmother) Margaret Dorothea (Bates) Floyd
- Regina Raike - great grandmother